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Ross Mold Company is a Commercial Iron Foundry founded in January 2001, located in Sabaneta (Antioquia COLOMBIA - South America). It is designed and built with the latest technology advances to fulfill all the Standards of Industrial Safety, Environmental Preservation and Process Control Assurance.

Ross Mold Company started on its path selecting a dynamic group of people with experience in all areas of Foundry's management and operations. After a fast and effective construction and adjustment of all the equipment, Ross Mold entered the market with high quality products at competitive prices.

Through the implementation of a sophisticated transactional system that integrates all the areas in the company, we can provide fast and precise quotations to our Customers. It is also used as a source of information for the statistical control of the production and assurance of process control. Now, Ross Mold provides Gray and Ductile Iron Castings for the rapidly developing national and international automotive markets.

Ross Mold is a Foundry that offers both Gray and Ductile Iron commonly under the norms ASTM A48 and ASTM A159 for Gray Iron and ASTM A536 for Ductile Iron. However, for it?s highly qualified personnel and for having the latest technology available for the process control, it has the flexibility to produce under different norms or special Customer's requirements

According to the company?s quality policy, production is made under local environmental regulations. However, besides accomplishing all these regulations, Ross Mold has implemented a sophisticated automatic control system of environmental impacts that consist of two dust and gas collectors plus all the necessary noise reduction enclosures. If the environmental control system is not working properly, all production equipments are programmed in a way that they will not start until all the corrections are made.


Quality is given the utmost attention by all the employees in each decision they take and action they take. Striving to improve the product and manufacturing processes is essential for continued growth in the marketplace. Quality will receive the highest consideration in the selection and development of people, methods, equipment, and materials for the production of castings of high integrity. This is why today Ross Mold has an ISO 9001 and a QS9000 QUALITY CERTIFICATE.

It is the policy and operating philosophy of Ross Mold to meet the Customers need and expectation by maintaining an environment that encourages all the employees to pursue ongoing improvements in all area of manufacturing.

To Ross Mold quality means:

  • Satisfaction of Customer requirements.
  • Reaching Internal Goals
  • Never-ending search for better methods, materials and equipment.
  • Prevention of defects through the manufacturing process
  • Complete Conformance to Customer and internal specifications and procedures that result in high quality products and satisfied Customers.
  • Corrective actions.
  • Maintaining a safe and risk free environment.
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